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Welcome to Cooner's little page on the web! You may know me from seeing my work somewhere on the internet, or from seeing one of my various projects over the years, or maybe from meeting me at a convention or event. However you found your way here ... thanks for visiting!

On this site you can find information about commissioning original artwork or ordering a con badge, or about ordering portfolios and other merchandise when they're available. You'd find news about upcoming conventions (on this very page, below!) and you'll be able to read a Biography and view a small Gallery of selected artwork. You'll also find links to my accounts on other sites like FurAffinity and Twitter and, all on the sidebar on the left. You can also send me an email from the Contact page.

May 22, 2016: Biggest Little Fur Con is past ... Anthrocon is right around the corner! Now's a great time to pre-order a badge to pick up at the con ... In addition to the usual Standard, Premium, and Big Guy badges, you can order a themed Roaring 20s badge ... or, if Big Guy isn't big enough, a Colossal Guy badge!. Otherwise, if you're attending, stop by to order a con sketch or just say hello! ...

I recently revised my Terms of Service for commissions, badges, etc. Feel free to take a look, especially if you plan to request a commission anytime soon! Also ... has been retired, and merchandise is now available from! You can still get Serious Fitness and Loller-Wear stuff there, and more stuff coming in the future.

Upcoming Conventions
Upcoming Conventions
Last updated June 5, 2016

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