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Con Badges

Badges—they're a rite of passage and a key component of attending conventions or large gatherings! And thank you so much for considering one from yours truly! Note: Prices are being revised for 2018 and may still be adjusted.

Badges can be ordered using the form below, and delivered in one of two ways. If you'll be attending an upcoming convention I'll be appearing at, you can pick up and pay for your badge at the con, no muss, no fuss! Be sure to place your order at least a few weeks before the convention, or watch my Twitter feed or FurAffinity journals to see when start filling slots in the weeks leading up to the event. Or if you won't be at a con (or if I won't be at the con you'll be at!) you can request a badge by mail-order. There will be a few dollars added for postage (unfortunately a few dollars more for international shipping), and your badge will be delivered in a discrete, sealed carton to your own home.

In either case, decide which type of badge you'd like; review the Terms of Service before placing your order; then go ahead and fill out the form on this page below. You'll be able to choose con pick-up or mail-order, which badge you want, and provide the rest of the information I'll need to fulfill your order!

Color Laminated Badges

The badges below are full color, laminated, and include a badge clip.
Click here to see a slideshow of badge samples.

Standard Badge: $30 Business-card sized badge (roughly 3.5" by 2") horizontal or vertical. Just enough room for head and shoulders.Get a 2-sided Standard badge for $55!See a slideshow
of more sample badges!
  Premium Badge: $45 Larger sized badge (roughly 6" by 4") with enough room for a full torso in closeup, or a fully body head-to-toe pose.Get a 2-sided Premium
badge for
See a slideshow
of more sample badges!

Big Guy Badge: $60 Hand-cut and assembled (roughly 6" by 6" in size) with your character so big they're bursting out of their badge!See a slideshow
of more sample badges!
  Colossal Guy Badge: $85 Limited time! Similar to a Big Guy badge, but even bigger—up to 8" x 10" in size—so big it comes with TWO badge clips!See a slideshow
of more sample badges!


Last updated: January 25, 2018