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Reference Sheets

Thank you for your interest in a reference sheet from me! I take on new commissions on a very limited basis as time allows. You can watch my FurAffinity or Twitter accounts for announcements about open commission slots.

The prices below are meant to be a basic guideline based on how many poses and various kinds of insets you want. Actual prices may be adjusted by factors of increasing complexity and time spent, such as detailed or complex tattoos, coat patters, clothing or jewelry. You will receive both a high-resolution file in PNG format of the ref sheet, plus a smaller screen-resolution JPG, delivered electronically. Inkjet prints may be shipped for an additional fee.

Please review the Terms of Service before ordering a commission! You'll find information there about acceptable content, approval and revision policies, payment and delivery schedules, and copyright legalese. Any questions about my schedule or a price quote, you can email me through the Contact page!

Reference Sheet: Base Prices

Reference Sheet PricingA flat or cel-shaded model sheet of your character, suitable for presenting to other artists or fursuit builders to use as reference. Images and information will be presented on a single page — can be formatted to letter, legal, or ledger size upon request for easy printing! Flat Color: Two Poses: $109 • Three Poses: $149 • Extra Poses: $40 eachCel-Shaded Color: Two Poses: $129 • Three Poses: $179 • Extra Poses: $50 eachHead/Expression Insets: $20 each • Detail Insets: $10-20 eachOverlays/Variant Versions: $20-50 each

  • A "pose" is one full body drawing of your character from any angle. Typically each pose will be front view, rear view, side view, three quarter view ... though you may also choose an action or attitude pose as an alternative.
  • A "head/expression inset" is an additional close-up drawing of the character's head, showing off an expression, facial details, an alternate hairstyle, etc.
  • A "detail inset" is an additional close-up drawing of some important or noteworthy detail: a piece of jewelry, a prop, a hand or foot paw, etc. Prices vary depending on complexity.
  • An "overlay/variant version" is an alternate version of the reference sheet with a digital overlay to present a different wardrobe, different coloration or markings, etc. Prices vary depending on complexity.
  • All model sheets include a set of color swatches and a reasonable amount of text added to point out notable details about the character's appearance, personality, history, etc.


Last updated: September 7, 2016