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Sequences & Comics

Thank you for your interest in a sequence or comic! I take on new commissions on a very limited basis as time allows; moreso with larger projects like these. You can watch my FurAffinity or Twitter accounts for announcements about open commission slots.

The prices below are meant to be a basic guideline, and will generally include a reasonable amount of simple background, clothing, and props to convey the story in the images. Actual prices may be adjusted by factors of increasing complexity and time spent. For all commissions you will receive both high-resolution scans or files in PNG format of the artwork, plus smaller screen-resolution JPGs, delivered electronically. Real-media sketches or pages may be shipped for an additional fee.

Please review the Terms of Service before ordering a commission! You'll find information there about acceptable content, approval and revision policies, payment and delivery schedules, and copyright legalese. Any questions about my schedule or a price quote, you can email me through the Contact page!

Sequences: Base Prices

Sequences are a series of images drawn in sequence to show a chain of events or a progression, such as transformation, growth, shrinking, etc. They are priced according to how many characters appear over how many drawings; more drawings gives a slight discount on each panel! See some samples in the slide show below.

Lodoss and Lostcat rock out transformation, panel 1/3Lodoss and Lostcat rock out transformation, panel 2/3Lodoss and Lostcat rock out transformation, panel 3/3Brighton Dingo transformation & growth, panel 1/6Brighton Dingo transformation & growth, panel 2/6Brighton Dingo transformation & growth, panel 3/6Brighton Dingo transformation & growth, panel 4/6Brighton Dingo transformation & growth, panel 5/6Brighton Dingo transformation & growth, panel 6/6Falcon McCooper resolution gains, panel 1/6Falcon McCooper resolution gains, panel 2/6Falcon McCooper resolution gains, panel 3/6Falcon McCooper resolution gains, panel 4/6Falcon McCooper resolution gains, panel 5/6Falcon McCooper resolution gains, panel 6/6|<<1 - 15<>

Pencil Sketch Sequence PricingPencil sketch sequences are drawn in blue col-erase pencil on animation paper. Sequences can also be done with color or shading, but will be priced proportionately higher.Up to 7 panels: One character: $35 per panel • Two characters: $55 per panel8 or more panels: One character: $30 per panel • Two characters: $50 per panel

Comic Pages: Base Prices

So you have an idea and you want some comic pages, hmm? You provide the story, situation and/or dialog, and I'll provide your short comic story! You can provide as much or as little detail as you like: Send a detailed script and description of each panel, or send a rough outline of your idea and let me work out the pacing, layout and dialog for you.

Sounds great, but it's a big undertaking and the time involved and the price can go up pretty quickly! You'll receive a rough layout for review and approval before I begin any final page art.

Reggie Bear Plumps comic, pages 1 & 2Reggie Bear Plumps comic, pages 3 & 4Reggie Bear Plumps comic, preliminary layout pagesOrion "Sensitivity Screening" comic, pages 1 & 2Orion "Sensitivity Screening" comic, pages 3 & 4Orion "Sensitivity Screening" comic, preliminary layout pages|<<6 - 6<>

Comic Pages in Pencil PricingComic pages will be drawn in a slightly rough but fairly polished graphite line or digital sketch line. Price includes breakdown of story into pages and panels plus lettering on the final page.Very roughly estimated base price, pencil: $125 to $200 per pageFinal price will depend heavily on the complexity of the comic: average number of panels per page, average number of characters drawn on each page, complexity of character designs and backgrounds, etc.Comics can also be done with color or shading, but will be priced proportionately higher.

Again, this is just a rough estimate of what the price may be! If you're considering a comic commission seriously, contact me to see what my schedule looks like and to discuss your idea and work out an actual budget and timeline.

Last updated: September 7, 2016